Thank You!

The mission of Stafford Junction is one that was born years ago and continues today through the generous efforts of the community in which we live.  Thank you for your support and passion for how we are changing lives one person at a time here at Stafford Junction.
Dear Stafford Junction:
There is no way I could ever fully convey my appreciation to the Brain Builders team for investing in my son Michael. Tutoring is one thing, but true care for his education and person is beyond.
To see him and hear him reading – and actually enjoying it does my heart good. From the first day when Ms. Lynn came to our home to pick up our application, waited so graciously for me to complete all the forms, and all the days in between – you’ve been an angel in our life, we are forever grateful for you!
Michael is so excited to share with me what his day’s events have been at Brain Builders. I have to admit, one of the highlights is the “snack” he receives as well. I once read a tagline line that said “Food is God’s love made edible.” The volunteer’s share of themselves and exhibit God’s love.
His confidence has soared and I couldn’t be more proud. He is even beginning to volunteer to read in his Bible Study and Sunday School classes. This program is much needed and has been exactly what Michael needed. God’s timing is perfect.
The generosity and kindness of all involved is superior.
Thank you again to all the staff at Stafford Junction.
Michael’s Mother